Research and Innovation in Aging Forum: Aging, Privacy & Technology


The Centre for Studies in Aging and Health is pleased to share a copy of our October Research and Innovation in Aging Forum Aging, Technology and Privacy presented by Dr. Lisa Carver. A recording of the presentation will be available soon.

Objectives of this presentation included:

  • Review technology that 'supports' healthy aging for people aging in place and in their community
  • Discuss data collected and novel applications of that information
  • Promote the prevention of unintended and intended violations of older adult's privacy and autonomy


L.F. Carver (MA psychology; PhD sociology) is assistant professor (adjunct), research associate and post-doctoral fellow at Queen’s University, Ontario. Her primary research involves the experience of aging, examining impacts of gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic level, inequalities and social justice as well as wearable and assistive living technology using functional and privacy lenses.

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