Brain & Behaviour

Dementia often impacts memory, language, perception, mood, personality and ability to control emotions. These changes that take place in the brain often have an impact on the person’s reactions to their environment and others.

Changes occurring in the person’s environment, health or medication may also trigger a change in behaviour. For example, the individual may resist assistance in aspects of perhaps an activity, such as taking a bath. Dementia affects people in different ways. Understanding why someone is behaving in a particular way may help you with some ideas about how to cope.

How dementia impacts the person’s behaviour will be discussed in more depth in this section, including tips and guides to managing the underlying condition and associated challenges.

  • How Dementia Affects Behaviour
  • Common Behaviours
    • Apathy
    • Anxiety & Agitation
    • Hoarding
    • Paranoia
    • Perceptual Problems
    • Repetitive Behaviours
    • Sun-downing
    • Sleep Disruption