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The importance of safety is rooted in our everyday life: in driving, shopping, visiting places, etc. When it comes to safely managing finances, people living with dementia are increasingly vulnerable to financial abuse, due to the gradual loss of ability and capacity to manage financial affairs as dementia progresses. The potential for financial abuse exists from both strangers and those known to them.

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Many persons living with dementia and caregivers find that the need for closer supervision at home has increased as dementia progresses (e.g., persons living with dementia may find it harder to be alone at home for longer periods of time, and may experience problems with balance resulting in difficulty walking or climbing stairs). It may be necessary to make modifications to the home to ensure everyone’s safety. It is important for care partners to communicate with person living with dementia throughout the process and introduce modifications gradually – only modify what you need to, when you need to.

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 It is important for people to be able to leave their home and socialize in order to remain independent, active, and socially engaged. Individuals living with dementia are like anyone else, but with extra challenges (e.g., memory loss or reduced ability to solve problems can increase their risk of getting lost or make finding their way more difficult). Sometimes these issues can fluctuate, especially if they are fatigued. At other times, when rested and fully prepared, they are functioning optimally and wish to be on their way. It is important however, to have a number of well-developed plans, resources, and social supports in place in order to remain safe and to provide an increased sense of comfort to both the person living with dementia as well as the people around them.

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The use of technology amongst people living with dementia has been on the rise as it allows for continued independence to the individuals, in addition to giving peace of mind to care partners. Implementing and customizing technology, such as assistive devices, locating device technology, and medical/personal identification programs can minimize risks, support your needs, and keep you safe as you face challenges of dementia.

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