Sageducation (sage-du-ca-shun) is the Centre for Studies in Aging & Health’s customized Learning Content Management System (LCMS).  Some of the material found on is open for your use at any time. Should you choose to access and use any materials please make a specific reference to the author and its source. Other materials are password protected and you will be provided specific instruction from your "teacher" for obtaining access to the course materials.

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The Centre for Studies in Aging & Health was commissioned to develop a Behavioural Supports Online Collaborative Learning Portal (BSOCLP) targeting members of Mobile Resource Teams (MRT) and Long-Term Care (LTC) Homes actively engaged within the South East Local Health Integration Network’s (SELHIN) Behavioural Supports Ontario Program. Visit to view course description.

We welcome you to view one of our Sageducation Open Courses featuring an Introduction to Brain & Behaviour This course was authored by Dr. John Puxty, a Geriatrician and Chair of the Division of Geriatric Medicine at Queen’s University. Dr. Puxty has a primary interest in promoting healthy aging and effective care for seniors with a research interest in aging, chronic disease, knowledge mobilization and information technology.