Bill Armbruster

Bill Armbruster

Senior Advisor in the Livable Communities Department of AARP


Speaker – Bill Armbruster


Bill Armbruster serves as Senior Advisor in the Livable Communities Department of AARP. Here, he oversees the management of the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities, an expansive network currently comprised of over 800 communities, 10 states, and 1 territory. His expertise and guidance have contributed to the fact that today, one in every three U.S. residents resides in a community enrolled in the network.

Commencing his AARP journey in 2000, Bill initially held the position of Associate State Director in New York. From there, he embarked on a path that allowed him to build a solid foundation in community development and advocacy. Prior to his career at AARP, Bill was instrumental in advancing health care, disease management and wellness initiatives, particularly in Medicare Advantage programs.