Ontario population projections

Published By: Ontario Ministry of Finance
This report presents population projections for Ontario and each of its 49 census divisions, by age and gender, from the base year of 2020 to 2046. These projections were produced by the Ontario Ministry of Finance during the spring of 2021.

Aging and Social Justice

June 27-28, 2020 at Victoria College, University of Toronto. Participants are encouraged to consider both terms broadly: “aging” may encompass work that addresses how age matters throughout the life course (not only in old age), and “social justice” may address different aspects of justice, at scales ranging from the interpersonal to the global, and including both basic social science and cross disciplinary research and intervention science.

Aging, Privacy & Technology

October 16, 2018. Dr. Lisa Carver reviewed technology that ‘supports’ healthy aging for people aging in place and in their community, discussed data collected and novel applications of that information, and promoted the prevention of unintended and intended violations of older adult’s privacy and autonomy.