Register for Creating IG Awareness

This free session will provide you with guidance and strategies to effectively create intergenerational awareness in your organization and/or community, paving the way for the successful implementation of your envisioned IG programs.

Webinar – Intergenerational Programs

This webinar profiles three Canadian intergenerational initiatives: LINKages Society of Alberta, Grandpals, and InterGenNS. In addition, the Intergenerational Evaluation Toolkit is introduced, which provides tools to help meet the needs of program providers and researchers committed to demonstrating the impact of intergenerational programming and understanding the practices by which outcomes are achieved.

AFC Webinar – Intergenerational Connections through the GrandPals Project: Insights, Discussion and Next Steps

This webinar will provide an introduction to intergenerational programming, share key learnings from a program called GrandPals and outline the connections with age friendly action plans. GrandPals is a successful, intergenerational program that started in 2010. It connects middle school students with older adults (55+) enabling learning, storytelling and meaningful friendships.