COVID-19 in Older Adults

This information sheet from the University of Toronto and the University of Calgary includes information on atypical presentation of COVID-19 in frail older adults, how to optimize care for older adults suspected or confirmed COVID-19 and considerations for older adults presenting with delirium.

COVID-19 Resource Page

As a trusted leader in the care of older adults living with frailty, the RGP of Toronto want to ensure the care providers get accurated and curated information on COVID-19 in a timely fashion, To view the most up to date resources click here.

Optimizing Medications

Andrea Rochon RN, MScN KNOWLEDGE EXCHANGE Events Reading Lists Blog Linkages Optimizing Medications March 2020 Blog Post written by Andrea Rochon RN, MScN Polypharmacy is ubiquitous among our older population. While there is a lack of consensus in terms of the exact...