Conference – CAGP-CCSMH Annual Scientific Meeting

The theme of this year’s meeting is: “Human Rights and the Law: Legal, Ethical and Moral Responsibilities in Seniors’ Mental Health”. We are thrilled to announce that the 2022 ASM will be held in Montreal, Quebec from October 14-15. Please join us for an exciting return to in-person learning, sharing and networking with colleagues from across the country!

Addiction and Mental Health Services for Older Adults

During this time of worldwide pandemic, people everywhere are being affected in a myriad of ways. The way we live our lives has been altered significantly; where we work, and how we work, grocery shop, see a physician, visit friends, meet with family, celebrate holiday traditions and more.

RIAF Webinar – Quinte Healthlink: Redesigning Care for Patients with Complex Needs

Mary Woodman reviewed the various benefits to patients and the health care system by implementing HealthLinks, explored how this approach addresses unmet medical, mental health and social needs, helps patients navigate the system, and improves end of life care

Overview of the literature supporting the need for an integrated falls prevention and management strategy
Description of best practices in Ontario around falls prevention and management
Presentation of the current regional falls prevention and management initiative in South East Ontario

Presenters aimed to establish a community of practice for researchers who have an interest in health issues related to aging affiliated with Providence Care & Queen’s University.