Webinar – Cannabinoids for Alzheimer’s Disease

At the end of the presentation, the learner will be able to: 1. To understand why we might consider using cannabinoids for Alzheimer’s Disease 2. To review the literature on cannabinoid treatment of agitation in dementia 3. To determine the current place of cannabinoid therapy in Alzheimer’s disease

Webinar – Cannabis and Older Adults

This practical session will address common questions about cannabis, drawing on expert knowledge and leaving you better equipped to make the the right choices for you.

RIAF Webinar – Canadian Guidelines on Substance Use Disorders Among Older Adults

The Canadian Coalition for Seniors’ Mental Health (CCSMH) officially launched four sets of Clinical Guidelines on Substance Use Disorders in Older Adults in January 2020. Dr. David Conn and Dr. Kiran Rabheru will provide an overview of issues that are common across substance use disorders among older adults, how and why were the guidelines created, what the guidelines are, and how to apply the guidelines.

Addiction and Mental Health Services for Older Adults

During this time of worldwide pandemic, people everywhere are being affected in a myriad of ways. The way we live our lives has been altered significantly; where we work, and how we work, grocery shop, see a physician, visit friends, meet with family, celebrate holiday traditions and more.