This information sheet describes the Mini-Nutritional Assessment Short-Form as best practice in nursing care. 2 pages. Last reviewed October, 2018.

Edmonton Frailty Scale - eForm

The Edmonton Frailty Scale is used to assess a person for their level of frailty. The form provides instructions on how to administer the assessment and measure the outcomes.

Tuesday August 28th from 11:30am to 12:30pm join guest speakers, Dr. Upe Mehan and Kate Harvey as they demonstrate how to use the PS Suite version of the new osteoporosis and falls assessment tool. Space is limited. Register here.

An updated version of the osteoporosis and falls assessment tool is currently available on the Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy website in PDF as well as for Telus (PS Suite) and OSCAR EMR users. Click HERE for more details or to download the tool. A demo on how to use with tool (for PS Suite version only) will be broadcast via webinar on Tuesday, August 28 from 11.30 am to 12. 30 pm. Webinar details will soon be posted on

This pdf book offers important insights about many ways that older adults can achieve and display resilience, the benefits of being resilient for aging well, and steps community service providers can take to foster resilience in the older population. 2 pages. Last reviewed May 2018.

The authors provide an overview of an investigation of the reliability and validity of the clutter image rating (CIR) in assessing late life hoarding disorder.

This paper describes the development and validation of the Hoarding Rating Scale-Interview (HRS-I), a brief (5-10 minute) 5-item semi-structured interview that assesses the features of compulsive hoarding (clutter, difficulty discarding, acquisition, distress, and impairment).

The SAMI tool aims to assist in identifying older adults who are currently experiencing problem drinking or who are at-risk for developing drinking problems. It is a 5-item questionnaire which was found to be superior to the CAGE and SMAST-G in terms of sensitivity. To review the introductory webinar on this tool click here.

This information sheet includes the Delirium Superimposed on Dementia Algorithm with an overview of the assessment tools strengths and limitations.

This assessment tool includes both French and English and was designed to raise a doctor's suspicion about elder abuse to a level at which it might be reasonable to propose a referral for further evaluation by social services and other professionals. Last reviewed May 2017.