This study described in this article provides a treatment protocol for rehabilitation of dual sensory loss within low vision rehabilitation. 12 pages. Last reviewed April 2019.

This systematic review sought to investigate and summarize the evidence from studies that examined the mental health of older adults with dual sensory loss.  9 pages. Last reviewed April 2019.

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This study reported on risk factors across the life course which are correlated with health literacy later in life. The authors include possible interventions. 6 pages. Last reviewed April 2019.

This article describes a systematic review that aimed to evaluate the research design, methods and findings of eHealth literacy interventions for older adults. The findings of the review pointed to a gap in evidence for eHealth literacy evaluating health outcomes targeting older adults. Last reviewed April 2019.

The authors suggest using the Single Item Screening (SIS) as a quick assessment of health literacy to gain key information to accurately identify older adults who require person centred communication strategies for health education. 4 pages. Last reviewed April 2019.

The authors utilized cross-sectional study data assessing health literacy and its association with physical activity and physical activity guideline adherence among older adults. 7 pages. Last reviewed April 2019.

This study examined the relationship between health literacy and health behaviours and perceptions in a sample of older adults. 8 pages. Last reviewed April 2019.

The research described in this article aimed to address the gap in the literature regarding the efficacy of public library-based e-health literacy interventions designed specifically for older adults. 27 pages. Last reviewed April 2019.

The objective of this article was to describe the development of a narrative and photo based health literacy intervention targetted at older adults with low health literacy during communication in a primary care consultation setting. 13 pages. Last reviewed April 2019.