Since progressive dementias such as Alzheimer’s disease are characterized by behavioural as well as cognitive disturbances, the Kingston Standardized Behavioural Assessment (KSBA) (both community and long-term care forms) was designed to complement cognitive assessment tools such as the Kingston Standardized Cognitive Assessment - Revised (KSCAr) or the Brief Kingston Standardized Cognitive Assessment - Revised (BKSCAr) by providing a measure of the behavioural impairment which currently affects an individual with dementia. 4 Pages.

These handouts review associated behaviours and effective care strategies when an individual with dementia is experiencing any of the 7As: Agnosia, Altered Perception, Amnesia, Anosognosia, Apathy, Aphasia and Apraxia.
1 page each.

BETSI is a comprehensive decision making framework and program inventory intended to strengthen the capacity of planners to choose the most appropriate education programs and effectively support the application of new knowledge into practice. BETSI allows planners and organizations to define local education needs and decide on appropriate behavioural, health and safety education and training programs, thereby ensuring efficient use of their training resources, while notably enabling their teams to provide clients with the right care, at the right time and in the right place.