This site provides the clinical practice guidelines for the diagnosis and management of osteoporosis: Background and Technical report. 89 pages . There is also a summary article which provides a synopsis of the guidelines. 10 pages

This chapter of the Introduction to Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD): A Handbook for Family Physicians outlines the general approaches to the management of delirium in dementia. Delirium is a frequent complication of dementia. Left untreated, a delirium can lead to a variety of poor outcomes, including death.  16 pages.

This articles reviews some of the special challenges associated with the use of handheld inhalers in the treatment of COPD in the elderly patient. The patient's cognitive and functional capabilities must be considered. 7 Pages.

This best practice guideline provides evidence-based recommendations for nurses (RNs and RPNs) working in diverse settings to care for individuals with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The guideline focuses on practice recommendations for the nurse, educational competencies for practice, organizational and policy recommendations, evaluation and monitoring indicators. The 2010 supplement provides additional updated information. 166 pages. Supplement, 27 pages.

This website provides educational resources and information on programs and services for people affected by arthritis for the public and health care providers. Topics include facts and figures, information on research, special events, newsletters, tips on living with arthritis and policy development.

A flowchart algorithm which recommends the approach and steps to take when performing the Geriatric Periodic Health exam. 1 page.

These clinical practice guidelines and initial management flowchart reflects an interprofessional evidence based approach to management of incontinence in men, women, and the frail elderly. Emphasis is placed on assessment of consumers’ goals, consideration of quality-of-life issues, and use of appropriate outcome measures, such as voiding diaries A continence history, focused physical examination, and consideration of non-urologic contributing factors, lifestyle strategies particularly in elderly people, can establish type of incontinence and guide interventions. 1 Page.

This article describes the best approaches to reduce adverse drug events in the elderly. The summary and tables provided highlight best practices. 8 Pages

This practice guideline provides evidence-based recommendations on the assessment and treatment of depression in older adults for clinicians. The website provides a number of assessment tools and resources created through collaboration with experts in the fields of geriatrics and depression. 66 pages plus other resources.

This information sheet provides non-pharmacological approaches to support caregivers in a crisis situation when interacting with people who have dementia. 1 Page.