Thursday, June 21, 2018 from 12-1 PM EDT. In this webinar, Dr. Barbara Farrell will highlight common elements of the deprescribing process and demonstrate approaches to engaging patients through shared decision-making. To register, click here.

Thursday, July 5th from 2-3 PM EDT. Join Dr. Tom Perry for this webinar when he will demonstrate how experienced clinicians can promote a culture shift towards deprescribing by encouraging their juniors to recognize that drug harms often exceed the potential benefits. To learn more or to register click here.

This clinical practice guideline is intended to help clincicians make decisions about when and how to safely taper and stop benzodiazepine receptor agonists (BZRAs). This guideline applies to patients who are using BZRAs to treat  primary insomnia or comorbid insomia where the potential comorbidities are effectively managed. 13 pages. Last reviewed June 2018.

September 20th from 12-1pm EST Join Nese Yuksel of the University of Alberta for this Beyond the Break OTN webcast presentation.  Event #81792801. Click here to join the live presentation.

On May 25, 2018 Dr. Amanjot Sidhu gave this presentation describing the pathophysiology of how cannabis works, the types and strains.  She discussed the indications for use and how to identify eligible patients.  She reviewed the formulations that are senior friendly and how to prescribe and monitor patients that are on cannabis therapy as well as barriers to its use.  47 slides. Last reviewed May 2018.

On May 25, 2018 Dr. Leah Nemiroff gave this presentation which uses a case study approach to introduce polypharmacy, define deprescribing, review screening tools, guidelines, data investigating medication use at the end of life and barriers to deprescribing. 49 slides. Last reviewed May 2018.

Tuesday May 29th from 3-4:30 PM EDT.  Join Amy Semaka for this Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada event. During this webinar Amy will discuss drug development and patient safety, biosimilars and their regulation, recent drug news and future prospects, drug support programs, the role for atypical and controversial therapies, patient advocacy issues and the role of the pharmacist in MS management. For more information or to register click here.

This meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials sought to assess the effect of mobility phone text messaging in medication adherence in chronic disease.

Thursday, April 26th2018 from 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. EDT Presentation by Christopher Kitamura, MD, FRCPC. This event will be videoconferenced from Baycrest to various other participating sites. For Ontario, please give your Telehealth Coordinator the OTN TSM number 72791675.  Also available via webcast at:

This chapter explains theories of the pathogenesis of delirium, provides information on how to assess a patient for risk factors and how to determine if the symptoms are drug related and apply the best available evidence to manage delirium.