This reading list provides links to and summaries of a variety of open source resources on chronic health issues and the older adult. Resources included are related to Canadian population studies, supporting self-management, disease/condition specific publications and reports from around the globe. 3 pages.

This article discusses a number of considerations for managing multimorbidity in people with chronic respiratory conditions including: the use of care planning, addressing polypharmacy, comorbid mental health conditions, and drug reactions, factors such as gender and socio-economic status, health promotion /opportunistic screening and shared decision making.

This reading list provides links to and summaries of a variety of open source resources on health issues related to season or climate. Resources on depression, insomnia, dry skin, environmental pollution, climate change, temperature and influenza are included. 3 pages. 

This article describes epidemiological trends such as the rise of chronic disease that affect more elderly than younger people attributable to outdoor air pollution. While it is unclear which pollutants are most damaging to health it appears that particulate matter has the greatest impact on daily cardio-respiratory and hospital admissions.

This population-based case-control study in Hamilton, Ontario concluded that in older adults, exposure to ambient nitrogen dioxide and fine particulate matter (PM2,5) were associated with hospitalization for community-acquired pneumonia.

This 2 page handout provides important information regarding ventilation supports.  While targetted towards those with ALS, the information provided can help readers understand the advantages and disadvantages associated with types of mechanical ventilation.

After climbing steadily over the past two decades, Canada’s mesothelioma cancer rate is now one of the highest in the world.

This guide to Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) provides a list of signs and symptoms, what treaments are available for CHF, and keeping your heart failure from progressing as well as additional resources to help with healthy life styles changes. 

This presentation focuses on information related to Advance Care Planning with persons with COPD. While the presentation was developed for primary care much of the information contained is applicable to other sectors and any health care provider.  Please ensure to follow your local legislation regarding Advance Care Planning.

This document lists a variety of open source resources regarding special considerations for older adults.  3 pages.