Date: September 25, 2019


Raeann Rideout, M.A.
Director Partnerships and Outreach & Regional Consultant
Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario

Name of Committee: Age-Friendly Advisory Committee

Population: 3214

Primary Contact:

Program Description:

This report from the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation includes information on the latest available vacancy rates, rents and related data. 12 pages. Last reviewed May 2019.

Name of Committee: Cambridge Council on Aging

Population: 129,920


Program Description


Name of Committee: Seniors Advisory Commitee

Population: 11500 (year round) 30000 (seasonal)


Program Description:

The Township of Tiny has completed the local aging plan and the committee is working to implement its recommendations.

Current Funding:

Name of Committee: Oshawa Staff Resource Team and Oshawa Steering Committee

Population: 159,458


  • Colleen Zavrel (Director of Programs & Services, Oshawa Senior Community Centres)

Program Description:

Oshawa has completed the Oshawa Age-Friendly Strategy with approval from City Council and the OSCC55+ Board of Directors. They are now moving to the implementation stage.

Current Funding: 

Name of Committee: Toronto Seniors Strategy Accountability Table 

Population: 2, 731,571

Contact: Andrea Austen (Manager, Seniors Transition Office)

Program Description:

Name of Committee: Older Adult Advisory Committee

Population: 61,735


Name of Committee: Pelham Senior's Advisory Committee (PSAC)

Population: 17,110