March 21st from 3-4pm EST join Amy Hubbard, Principal & Co-Founder fo Capire Consulting Group for this Tamarack webinar as she provides an overview of some of the tools and practies used by Capire to promote inclusive engagement. Register here.

Please see the November newsletter for upcoming seniors events and programs available in the Prince Edward County area.

Thursday, March 29th from 10-11:30 AM ET join presenters Paul Young and Janet Dawson as they discuss collaboration between Public Health and Policy Planning to address isues such as health inequities and supporting healthy communities. To learn more or register click here.

In this paper the authors propose a participatory design of IOT technologies to enact universal design in order to better include the elderly in managing their health and improving their quality of life.

This article discusses the use of convergent care research and the stages of the empowerment process through the findings of a study done with seniors in a rural community.

This article discusses research findings on how online social networking can help prevent social isolation in older adults.

This review is intended to provide evidence the case for engagement and overviews the essential elements for successful engagement.

This report provides a summary of reports, discussion papers and research studies that have been published between 2010-2015 which look at aspects of creating and sustaining community-based support, especially for and led by older people.

This paper discusses how the ecological model enables us to view an older adult as an individual who is included in a system of significant relationships with their family and the world they live in, as well as with local and regional organizations in their community. Interventions are discussed.

This paper explores the changing demographics of older adults globally, the capacity and potential of older adults for providing in home resources and supportive services for other adults in need, along with health policy.  9 pages. Last reviewed October 2018.