This reading list provides links to and summaries of a variety of open source resources related to delirium in older adults. Topics include risk factors related to hip fracture, the HELP program, delirium at the end-of-life, delirium in dementia, non-pharmacological interventions, nutrition and frailty. 3 pages. 

This prospective cohort study explored the relationship between delirium and frailty in older inpatients to determine the impact on survival.

This study aimed to explore the relationship between delirium and frailty in older adults discharged from hospital. The investigators used a multidimensional linear regression model for analysis.

The authors sought to evaluate the association between delirium and under-nutrition in elderly long-term care home residents.

This Cochrane Review aimed to determine whether non-pharmacological interventions aimed at modification of delirium risk factors can attenuate established delirium.

This article discusses the challenge of neuropsychological assessment of delirium in patients with dementia and provides a framework for improving the diagnosis of delirium superimposed on dementia (DSD).

The authors examined the effect of delirium on long-term cognitive trajectories in older adults with Alzheimer’s disease and found that there was greater cognitive deterioration in those who had delirium than those who had not.

This article describes a study investigating the risks for institutionalization, cognitive decline or death with hospitalization and delirium in patients with Alzheimer’s Disease.