The authors aimed to determine the relationship between sleep-disordered breathing and cognitive impairment and to investigate potential mechanisms of this association. 7 pages. Last reviewed May 2019.

This brief report overviews key considerations in regards to the prevalence and importance of anorexia in older adults. A case study is included. 4 pages. Last reviewed December 2018.

This research article describes a study investigating the effects of a simple exercise program on the balance and strength of postmenopausal women with osteoporosis. 9 pages. Last reviewed August 2018.

The purpose of this qualitative  study was to explore the experiences and responses of older immigrant women to abuse, violence and neglect. 22 pages. Last reviewed May 2018.

This qualitative study sought to describe women’s resilience in older adulthood as stated by older women through their interpretations of their experiences and contexts of their lives. 18 pages. Last reviewed May 2018.

This practice tool is intended to support agencies in anticipation of addressing structural barriers to the participation of older women in community initiatives including law and policy change.

The study described was undertaken to investigate the prevalence and nature of functional impairment in geriatric female prisoners in California and to identify aspects of the prison environment that might exacerbate functional impairments.