Highlights of this issue include a reading list on "Nutrition & Eating Disorders in Later Life” updates from AGE-WELL, Baycrest, Behavioural Supports Ontario, Brainxchange, Bruyere, Centre for Studies in Aging and Health, Gilbrea Centre for Studies in Aging, Institute for Life Course & Aging, Ontario Age-Friendly Communities Outreach Program, Ontario Osteoporosis Strategy and Regional Geriatric Program of Toronto, SE Research Centre and Trent Centre for Aging & Society.

Information about funding opportunities and calls for abstracts from AGE-WELL, Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation, Canadian Association on Gerontology and Canadian Frailty Network are included.  A number of upcoming events and educational opportunities are listed. Sign up to receive Linkages directly here.

This reading list includes links to and summaries of a variety of open source resources related to a variety of eating disorders and nutritional considerations. Topics include:
  • anorexia of aging
  • anorexia nervosa and frailty
  • reduced appetite in older age
  • recommendations for optimal nutrition
  • malnutrition
  • dysphagia
  • special considerations for those with brain injury and degenerative diseases
  • obesity
  • diabetes

6 pages. Last reviewed January 2019.

This research article describes a study in which the findings suggest there is a relationship between different kinds of eating disturbance and the severity of Alzheimer's Disease. 10 pages. Last reviewed January 2019.

This study investigated the association of dysphagia and community-acquired pneumonia. The authors propose universal dysphagia in older persons with pneumonia. 6 pages. Last reviewed December 2018.

This editorial reviews many considerations for dysphagia among older adults with dementia and the increased prevalence of frailty. 4 pages. Last reviewed December 2018.

This article describes a cross-sectional study conducted in 234 older adults in New Zealand aimed at investigating the magnitude and potential predictors of malnutrition risk at hospital admission. 8 pages. Last reviewed December 2018.

The authors conducted a review of the literature available with the objective of providing a guide for early detection and management of sacropenic dysphagia in clinical practice. 6 pages. Last reviewed January 2019.

The authors conducted a study to evaluate the risk of dysphagia and its relationship with the stage of Alzheimer's disease including the relationship of dysphagia and nutritional status and caloric intake. 8 pages. Last reviewed December 2018.

This article examines two common types of complications in older people with oropharyngeal dysphagia. 14 pages. Last reviewed December 2018.