This study investigated the association of dysphagia and community-acquired pneumonia. The authors propose universal dysphagia in older persons with pneumonia. 6 pages. Last reviewed December 2018.

This editorial reviews many considerations for dysphagia among older adults with dementia and the increased prevalence of frailty. 4 pages. Last reviewed December 2018.

The authors conducted a review of the literature available with the objective of providing a guide for early detection and management of sacropenic dysphagia in clinical practice. 6 pages. Last reviewed January 2019.

This edition of "Try This: Best Practices in Nursing Care to Older Adults" aims to describe why older adults with dysphagia are at higher risk of aspiration and best practices for prevention. 2 pages. Last reviewed December 2018.

This article  discusses the effectiveness of swallowing rehabilitation to increase safe oral intake among older adults and the impact on reduced pneumonia rates. 12 pages. Last reviewed December 2018.

This National Institute on Ageing report discusses why older adults are more vulnerable to influenza, the steps that some are taking to better prevent older adults from getting the flu, and proposes 8 evidence-informed policies to reduce the risk of influenza among our older people. 

This reading list provides links to and summaries of a variety of open source resources on health issues related to season or climate. Resources on depression, insomnia, dry skin, environmental pollution, climate change, temperature and influenza are included. 3 pages. 

This web page outlines the common environmental pollutants that can contribute to pulmonary diseases in both developed and developing countries. This resources offers a 'consumer version', with information in plain language, and a 'professional version' wtih more information and resources for individuals who have a more advanced level of medical literacy.

Dr. David Barber, Physician of Queen's University's Department of Family Medicine, gave an overview of Pneumonia in LTC:  Diagnosing and treating bacterial pneumonia in an online presentation to health care professionals in South East Ontario via the Ontario Telemedicine Network on February 10, 2015. A copy of the PDF flyer is available.