Building a Stronger and More Inclusive Ontario Part 2: Understanding the link between Age-Friendly and Compassionate Communities

Date: May 31, 2018


  • Julie Darney, Manager of Partnerships and Communities of Practice
  • Denise Marshall, BSc, MD, CCFP(PC), FCFP Medical Director, Niagara West Palliative Care Team and McNally House Hospice
  • Deborah Sattler, Lead, Windsor Essex Compassion Care Community


In light of Canada’s aging population, Hospice Palliative Care Ontario is supporting a new provincial strategy called “Compassionate Communities” to catalyze whole person care throughout the province of Ontario, to benefit patients, family caregivers, and the formal health care system. A Compassionate Community is one where: local health policies recognize compassion as an ethical imperative; sectors work together to meet the special needs of the aged, those living with life-threatening illnesses, and with loss; a strong commitment to social and cultural differences enables access to wider variety of supportive experiences, interactions, and communication; and all people have easy access to grief and holistic or palliative care services. 

During this webinar, participants will have:

  • Learned how to a start Compassionate Community movement in their community
  • Gained insights as to how Compassionate Community approaches can complement Age-Friendly and Dementia-Friendly initiatives
  • Discussed opportunities for collective action 

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