The Centre for Studies in Aging & Health

The Providence Care Board of Directors, under the co-leadership of Dr. John Puxty & Dr. Ken Le Clair,established the Centre for Studies in Aging & Health (CSAH) at Providence Care.


The Centre for Studies in Aging & Health [CSAH] at Providence Care seeks to be the ultimate source for informational & educational resources and expertise to support care of older adults with complex needs.


Our mandate is to work in collaboration with both internal and external partners to build knowledge, awareness and system capacity to promote successful aging, prevent or delay the expression of frailty and its harmful consequences and to improve care by supporting transformation in the organization of health services.


Roles of the Centre for Studies in Aging & Health at Providence Care:


  • Supporting for a number of age-related research and education activities which are ongoing or emerging foci at Providence Care
  • Providing a forum for the development and delivery of aging educational curriculum and quality improvement activities with an emphasis on inter-professional content
  • Ensuring preparedness to respond to new funding opportunities and collaborative endeavors that relate to aging and health
  • Promoting information and knowledge exchange utilizing internet and other technologies at a regional and provincial level likely to support and improve health care outcomes in older adults with complex care needs
  • Creating knowledge mobilization opportunities that ensure increased awareness and access to evidence-based eldercare and related research to guide future planning, practice and service development
  • Promoting partnerships & strategic alliances consistent with our mandate