Wound Bed Preparation From Evidence to Policy Development

RIAF 2016, RIAF Sessions


Date: June 21, 2016

Description: Dr. Kevin Woo simplified the complexity of chronic wounds and evidence-based approaches to management, examined the challenges of self-management in people with chronic wounds, and presented a policy agenda to address chronic wound care in Canada.



Dr. Kevin Woo is an Assistant Professor at Queen’s University, School of Nursing and Adjunct Research Professor at Western University. Dr. Woo received the 2012 International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) Early Career Research Award for his work in exploring the issue of stress and pain in people with chronic wounds.  Dr. Woo is also a recipient of the Early Research Award from the Ministry of Research and Innovation (2014-2019) and co-editor of Chronic Wound Care 5, a clinical source book for health care professionals.  He served on expert panels to develop Best Practice Guidelines (BPG) for the Assessment and Management of Stage 1 to 4 Pressure Ulcers.  Dr. Woo maintains his clinical expertise and functions as an Advanced Wound Consultant at the West Park Healthcare Center, a specialized chronic care and rehabilitation hospital in Toronto.